IncomingVaccinationIndicationType Schema

Indication (reason) for the vaccination. If multiple indications are present, only the indication with the highest priority is chosen: 'age' > 'chronic_disease' > 'med_prof' > 'contact_vuln' > 'contact_comm' > 'other'

age - Age
chronic_disease - Chronic disease
med_prof - Healthcare worker with patient contact/carer for people at especially high risk
contact_vuln - Close contact with people at especially high risk
contact_comm - Lives/works in communal facility with an elevated risk of infection and outbreak
other - All other not further specified indications (rest of the population).

all - sum of all specific indications ('age', 'chronic_disease', 'med_prof', 'contact_vuln', 'contact_comm', 'other')
risk_groups - sum of all risks groups (includes indications types 'age', 'chronic_disease', 'med_prof', 'contact_vuln' & 'contact_comm')
not_vaccinated - remaining unvaccinated part of the population (only applies to type="COVID19FullyVaccPersons"), reduced data available compared to other vaccination indication types

Abstract Extensible Status Identifiable Custom Properties Additional Properties Access Restrictions Defined In
Can be instantiated No Unknown status Unknown identifiability Forbidden Allowed none sources.schema.json*

indication Type

string (IncomingVaccinationIndicationType)

indication Constraints

enum: the value of this property must be equal to one of the following values:

Value Explanation