IncomingEpidemiologicVaccinationStatus Schema

Vaccination status.

fully_vaccinated - all fully vaccinated persons with and without booster
fully_vaccinated_no_booster - fully vaccinated persons who have NOT received a booster
fully_vaccinated_first_booster - fully vaccinated persons who have received a first booster
partially_vaccinated - partially vaccinated persons (1 dose received for vaccines that require more than 1 dose)
not_vaccinated - not vaccinated persons
unknown - the vaccination status is not known for the reported case, hosp or death

Abstract Extensible Status Identifiable Custom Properties Additional Properties Access Restrictions Defined In
Can be instantiated No Unknown status Unknown identifiability Forbidden Allowed none sources.schema.json*

vaccination_status Type

string (IncomingEpidemiologicVaccinationStatus)

vaccination_status Constraints

enum: the value of this property must be equal to one of the following values:

Value Explanation